Help identifying a children's book:There's No Accounting For Taste?
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My wife's family is trying to remember the full title of an illustrated children's book. They are insisting it's called "There's no Accounting For Taste". It's about a brother and a sister on a walking journey where they observe animals eating various things (like a robin eating a worm, or a panda eating bamboo) and they end up saying "There's no Accounting For Taste!". So far google has been no help.
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Could it be "No Accounting For Tastes," by Aileen Lucia Fisher? (The only cover photo I could find is also the tiniest ever! sorry)

There's some info in Worldcat also.
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That's it!
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BTW when I related your nick to the family, they asked if it was guinea pig related, your profile pic was a hit.
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