When and for how much did OSU football season tickets sell last year?
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I am looking to buy and re-sell some Ohio State University football Season tickets in order to make a profit. (This is legal for me to do, see more inside.) To not get screwed over, I'd like to find some data showing 1: What price were season tickets selling for in 2013 or previous years, (the more specific data the better). 2: What time of year (specific date) is the most profitable time to sell season tickets? (I imagine very early or very late in the season would result in lower selling price, but there is probably a peak window for highest selling price, e.g. x weeks before opening game)

If anyone is worried about legality:
Ticket reselling in Ohio is not illegal according to federal or state law. Furthermore, I have a peddler's license for the city of Columbus, which authorizes me to resell event tickets. The following link provides information about the legality of reselling tickets in Ohio. http://www.hastielegal.com/ohio-ticket-scalping/
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Secondary market prices will be determined largely by how good the team is. If it's a great year, the highest prices will be shortly before the games. If it's a lousy year, the highest prices will probably come before the season opens. I won't speculate on the Buckeyes' prospects in 2014, but last year they started 12-0 and finished 12-2.

A key factor for 2014 tickets is that the big rivalry game against Michigan will be at home. Tickets for this game are almost always the most expensive of the season and if both teams are highly ranked, they'll command a very high price. This article discusses prices for the game in 2012 (when Ohio State was 11-0 and Michigan was 8-3) and compares them to 2006 (when both teams were undefeated).
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Stubhub has a great feature when you post tickets to their site that tells you what tickets for your event are going for. They even give you insight into your particular section. I find that this feature is most useful in the 1-2 months prior to the event.

I've been selling season tickets on Stubhub for years (although not for college football) and agree that prices are highly volatile. It's almost like the stock market. It can be worth it if you spend the time to understand the market (using Stubhub's tool) and adjust your prices just above market value.
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Especially if these are the student tickets that require a valid or 'valid' student ID to get in, I don't think there is any way around crawling around craigslist or asking OSU students where they do this that isn't craigslist these days. I ended up avoiding the whole mess by converting the tickets I didn't use into social capital, which worked pretty well.

If this is the case, you should keep in mind that while legal consequences are not really so much of a concern, academic consequences can be.
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