Tumblrs of Ice and Fire
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What are your favorite tumblrs related to A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones? I am looking for (in this order) high quality analysis, gifsets, and fan art. I am already familiar with ALL LEATHER MUST BE BOILED and Comics of Ice and Fire.
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ASoIaF University - for analysis/meta

A Song of Ice and Fanart - for fan art (strangely enough!)
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I like the aforementioned ASoIaF University as well as Nobody Suspects the Butterfly, although I've filtered out the fan art with judicious use of tag RSS feeds.
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Some more: Stannis is the Fury and especially The Meereenese Blot, which is on WordPress rather than Tumblr but is still pretty jaw-dropping.
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Response by poster: Thanks for these! Another user shared the following via memail, and said I could share here:
http://gameofthronesworld.tumblr.com - this has more actor stuff than book stuff

http://canoeingit.tumblr.com - for all your Jaime x Brienne needs

http://incorrectgotquotes.tumblr.com - because it's hilarious

http://asofterthrone.tumblr.com - ditto

http://brienneoftarth.tumblr.com - it's 80% a Brienne-focused blog so if you hate Brienne it's not for you. But if you like Brienne, she's got good analysis and some HILARIOUS GIFs. I especially must draw your attention to the "Summaries" tag: http://brienneoftarth.tumblr.com/tagged/summaries
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