Please help me get dressed for my interview!
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I am going in for an interview at the place I am currently temping. What should I wear?

I am a man in my late 20's in a large city in the midwest, and currently temping as a marketing assistant at a moderately-sized company where I would like to work. It is going very well. So well, in fact, that they are having me interview for their a full time permanent position managing the company website. I will be interviewing during my usual work hours, so I am wondering if my usual interview attire (a suit) is inappropriate. Things to note: General office attire is business casual, I have been wearing slacks and a button up shirt to work and that is appropriate. I have a suit I like that I am comfortable wearing all day. The job has manager in the title, but I don't believe I would be managing anyone. Some management wears suits on some days.

I am leaning towards a suit, but would like other thoughts on the matter.
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Best answer: Wear a sober dark suit, full stop. It demonstrates that you take this opportunity seriously and conveys a respectful attitude.

It's almost impossible to be overdressed for a job interview.
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Best answer: Go one or maybe two levels up from what you normally wear.

If there is currently someone in the position you're interviewing for (or other people at a similar level within that department), check out what they wear, and wear something like that. But maybe a smidge nicer.

I don't think you could go wrong with the suit, considering that some people sometimes wear suits. I would only avoid a suit if you've seen other people interview for jobs there, and those people seemed out of place in a suit.
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Best answer: My rule of interviewing is one step more formal then regular attire at the place of business. Since you know the standard, wearing a suit seems totally appropriate.
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Best answer: Suit for sure. If you think it will be a distraction to wear it all day, bring a change of clothes. You could also bring less formal pants and pull on a sweater over the dress shirt for a half-change.
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Your suit will be fine.

Good Luck!
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Suit and tie.
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As per all above, go with the suit. And if anyone gets snarky about it, don't get defensive, even if they have nothing to do with the hiring, you don't want to get thrown off on Interview Day. Just nod and chuckle and say, "Hey, I gotta bring my A game..." or something else positive. Don't let yourself make a joke about how you're sucking up, and don't let anyone else draw you into one -- even if they're just kidding.
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Yeah, I see what you're saying, but I would wear a suit and take the attitude that you're respectful of this opportunity and take it seriously.
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Yes, you can't go wrong looking like you take the job very, very seriously (as long as it isn't wildly incongruous with what others are wearing). What it also conveys is that you don't simply feel as if the job will be handed to you because you work there and have been doing a good job, or have gotten some kudos about your performance. Sometimes people stop trying as hard at that point, but not you! You'll show them that you don't expect it to be handed to you on a platter, and you'll respect both your time and theirs in making the right decision.
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I wore a suit while interviewing for a job in the department I'd been working in for years. I knew that no one wore a suit for anything but the most rare occasions, but I was assured afterward that the suit helped them see that I was taking it seriously and wasn't coasting on the assumption that just because we all knew each other, I could go more casual.

I haven't worn the suit since, but I'm still very glad I wore it then.
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Don't overthink it, only relevant thing in your post is that normal attire is business casual. Grey or navy suit, well maintained shoes with laces and round toes and a matching belt. If you're feeling self-conscious, you can just take off the jacket and tie before/after the interview.

Depending on how long it's been since you've last worn the suit, it may be worth your while to put it on in advance to determine if you need it cleaned, pressed, or altered. Not something you want to have to deal with the night before or day of your interview.
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Wear what those who are interviewing you would wear to woo the most important, conservative client on their target list.
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