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Looking for a recommendation for a decent psychiatrist or psychopharmacologists in NYC.

Looking for a recommendation for a decent psychiatrist or psychopharmacologists in NYC. I currently see a 'top notch' psychiatrist for ADHD but a) he and his clinic don't take insurance, and b) getting medication is increasingly difficult for controlled substances like Adderall. Is this a common thing for New York doctors - they'll only write one month's supply for it at a time? I relocated from the West Coast where I could get 3 month's prescription at a psychiatrist visit - 3 separate paper prescriptions in the future (March, April, May on separate scripts). I've already gone through a full evaluation for ADHD with this NYC doctor and have explained that my schedule is a lot of travel for months at a time for work and I'm only back here on weekends - and that I can't take off work to come to another borough (I don't live in Manhattan) to pick it up. Yet he'll write only a month at a time and I have to go in an pick up the script in the office (they can't call it in because Adderall needs a paper script) every 30 days like I'm on parole. Is it this doctor being paternalistic (he's not too old - I'm female for what it's worth) or do they all only give 30 days supply at a time?

I'm looking for a doctor that treats me like an adult - knows I am busy, knows I don't have meth lab and is able to provide my medication without a problem. Bonus points for a female doctor. Extra bonus points if this person could also be a therapist, but I know med docs aren't always therapy docs, so at this point, finding a decent doctor who takes insurance and

Feel free to email me recommendations at email if it's easier:
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Unfortunately your doctor is not being paternalistic. Those are the NY rules for that class of meds. It's a major pain to deal with. Sorry, I don't have any recommendations for doctors. Perhaps you could find one in your borough who sees patients on Saturday?
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They can and do write 3 prescriptions at a time. They also mail them.

OP, I'm memailing you the name of someone who isn't that good in terms of diagnosis or med adjustment, and who definitely doesn't do therapy, but who is perfect for someone who travels.
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