Cabin in north-east Pennsylvania radius?
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I am looking for a relaxing weekend by myself within a 4 hour radius of my home (Scranton, PA). I have been searching airbnb for cabins in specific towns that I know of, but I don't think I'm getting all of the areas I should. Do you know of a cute town or specific cabin rental in the northeast PA, lower NY state, upper WV, or NJ area that I should look at for a luxurious weekend getaway by myself. My main requirements are wifi and a big tub. I can bring my own groceries so I don't care if it's remote.
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Allegany State Park? That part of western NY is beautiful! (I went to college at Alfred University.)
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I don't know about specific cabin rentals, but I can vouch for the fact that the Livingston Manor/Roscoe/Liberty area of New York is beautiful.
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Try the Jim Thorpe/Mauch Chunk area. Also, Effort, PA. I can't vouch for the Effort area as far as cabins, lodging - but, whenever we travel down there from Thornhurst area, I always see these neat little stores I want to explore but never do.

Bear Creek area (and enjoy breakfast and lunches at the Bear Creek Cafe) - there's a B and B near called Bischwind. There are most likely cabin rentals in that area (Poconos) as well.
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I'd check VRBO.
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Was going to recommend VRBO. I rented out a cabin in Mount Gretna for my best friend's bachelor party on about two weeks' notice.
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If you have the means, I cannot think of a more luxurious getaway than a weekend at one of the cottages at the Woolverton Inn. Charming and decadent, with huge tubs, fireplaces, and other fripperies. Free wifi. Although it's billed as a B&B, the cottages are separate and private. Once you've checked in you don't have to see another soul. I can personally vouch for the Sojourn Loft Cottage and the Cotswold Cottage. Stockton, Frenchtown, Lambertville and New Hope are nearby if you get the urge to stroll around a town.
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When I was a kid we used to go to this place called Happy Acres in Waterville, PA. It's adjacent to Little Pine State Park. I have good memories from there and they have a number of cabins for rent.
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It's about 6.5 hours away, but a seriously pretty drive and a pretty neat place once you get there. White Sulphur Springs, WV.

You can stay at The Greenbriar (pricy but pretty) or just visit THE BUNKER!

I am all about doing this one fine day, and it seems like the kind of place you might enjoy.
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