What's on this raspberry?
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What is growing/was laid on this raspberry?

My sister would like to know what is on this raspberry. She called them capsules. There are about 32 of them on the bottom of the raspberry. They are each distinct, and attached to the berry on their own, but are in a very symmetrical honeycomb pattern. They are about a millimeter wide and about two high. They are round, and hard. From the side they are slightly ridged. The color of mud. When I pulled one off, a bit of raspberry came with, attached to the bottom.

My sister thinks she's seen the same thing on her window before. Best guess is some kind of bug eggs? Hope someone can id this, because now she has me curious too! I can answer any questions or describe them better. Unfortunately, all I have is my iPhone camera, so I don't think I can get any clearer pics than what is below:

raspberry 1
raspberry 2
raspberry 3
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Best answer: Stinkbugs, I'd guess.
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Response by poster: That's it! Metafliter does it again. I didn't even know what stink bugs were.
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