Help me find a cleaning person in Atlanta, Georgia
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For Atlanta-area mefites - can anyone recommend a cleaning person? I'm a messy guy looking for someone to come clean/tidy my Midtown apartment once a week. I'd like them to come while I'm at work so ideally I'm looking for a person rather than a service that would send different teams different weeks. So far I've struck out trying to find a solo practitioner on yelp. Anyone with a recommendation?
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I know a lady, she's very booked up, but she's AWESOME!

I'll MeMail you her info.
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My friend in Atlanta recently posted some good things on Facebook about his experiences using Not sure if they send the same person each time or not.
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Midtown Altanta mefite here. I know a lady who manages a smallish team. They're amazing. I trust them to come by when I'm working. I'll also MeMail you her info.
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