Easter weekend getaway!
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Trying to find a place to go for a long weekend, within a four hour drive of northern RI. Complication: Easter weekend in the off season.

The family Ruki (two adults and a 12 year old girl) would like to take a mini-vacation. Good Friday through Easter. Girl Ruki will be happy anywhere there's a hotel with a heated indoor pool, but the parents would like family activities to enjoy. North Conway, NH was my first choice, but there's not a lot open yet. Lake George, NY was my second thought, but I haven't been there in 25 years at least, so I don't know what it's like now. I would love to go to Montreal, but that's slightly too long of a drive for a three day weekend and Girl Ruki's passport expires tomorrow. Please help me find a good family weekend destination!
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I assume places like Boston and Northampton are too close to where you are to be special enough for what you are thinking, so I'm going to suggest Burlington, Vermont. It's about a 4 hour drive from Providence, so should be within your paramenters, and it's got enough of a downtown (cute shops, restaurants, etc.) to be interesting and new, and I'm sure you can find family activities like museums and the kind of hotel you are looking for. Plus, if you are outdoorsy at all, the area is really quite beautiful.
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I would also consider the coast of Maine, although it might be a little too cold for places like Old Orchard Beach or York. Portland could be a good option, as it is really quite lovely, year-round, and has a ton of activities and really unique culture, and you could always take a day trip to the beach in Biddeford or Saco if you all wanted to get in some sun (or the weather was nice enough), or just stay in the city and enjoy the music and/or art or shopping scene. That's only about 2.5 hours away, and is an easy drive up 95. Plus, unlike a lot of beaches in Massachusetts, the beaches in Maine are typically free!
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Co Co Keys in Massachusetts.

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New York City is within reach.
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