Basic Video Editing Software for PC
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I am currently taking a basic digital editing class that uses Final Cut for Mac. I am enjoying it, but use PC at home. What is the best free or inexpensive video editing software for PC?

I don't need a lot of features, but ideally it would be very intuitive. I am finding Final Cut very easy to pic up. I like the idea of free, but am willing to pay for great software. The videos I am planning on making are primarily documentary style interviews.
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Magix Movie Edit (get the Pro version if you want to edit 3D video). It's often on sale.
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Lightworks has a free version for Windows.
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Windows Movie Maker is free.
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For free software, Pixorial (a chrome/google drive extension) is good. Also WeVideo.

If you're willing to pay for it, Camtasia is awesome. I use the Mac version (which is cheaper) but the PC version has TONS of features that the Mac one doesn't have. I think it's comparable to FCX.
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They're pretty bad about up-sell, marketing, buy all the things type stuff, but I bought the video editor in PowerDirector, and it's pretty powerful. You can buy it separately (as I did), keeping costs down, and you really won't be missing anything.
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