What kind of car did I see today?
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I saw a sporty compact type of car today with a logo I didn't recognize. It looked like an angular "m" inside of an oval shape. I would describe it as a cross between a batman symbol and an infinity logo. The body style was a sleek, aggressive, sporty design - not cheap, but not too high end. If I guessed, I would have thought it was a like a Scion Tc or Mazda 3. At first I thought it might be a Tesla. I can't recall if it was a coupe or sedan. Any ideas?
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Maybe it was a Hyundai?
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That really sounds like the Mazda logo, but I'm guessing you're familiar with it?
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Hyundai? The logo is a stylised 'H' in an oval, and it might fit the description.
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I've been seeing more Maseratis lately.
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Maybe not sporty, but compact and sleek, with a badge that may be seen as similar to your description: Fiat?
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I'm guessing it was a Hyundai Genesis. The logo looks close to what you describe, and they always make me do a double-take. One sees Hyundais all the time of course, but they're usually boring and cheap-looking. The Genesis is not, and it always takes me a second to realize that I'm looking at a Hyundai.
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Here's a picture of a Hyundai Veloster Turbo which may be what you're thinking of?
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I would also guess a Hyundai, either the Veloster or Genesis Coupe.
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If it was clean lines, it was probably the Genesis. If it looked like a bicycle helmet, the Veloster.
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Response by poster: Hmm, the Hyundai Genesis Coupe looks really close, although I feel like the lines were a bit sharper, and not so curvy and rounded. I feel like I would have recognized the Hyundai logo, but maybe I got it at a weird angle since it is pretty close to what I remember.

I also sort of remember it being mostly white but with some dark gray panels, though I could be remembering it wrong.

Aftermarket badge definitely a possibility.
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People have been altering their Mazda emblems to make them more badass. You've stumbled on "Evil Mazda M." I saw one a few months ago and was intrigued.

Check out all these examples

And this guy tells you how he used a Dremel to achieve it.
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The hyundai hybrid logo looks a little different - see here.
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Best answer: The badge might look like a stylized batman-y thing if you only got a quick look at it, but the car resembles the Genesis Coupe. Perhaps it was a Scion FR-S?
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Could it have been some sort of Daewoo?
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Response by poster: The Scion FR-S looks really close. It's very eye catching and a little exotic looking, but not quite high end. Maybe a custom badge or I just got a bad look at it. I'm going with the Scion.

Thanks everyone!
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Response by poster: I just remembered on more detail that makes me question the Scion conclusion. There was a two letter model name on the bottom right side of the trunk. I believe it was SX or possibly DX or something like that. It definitely wasn't FR-S. Hmm.. the search continues.
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Are you sure it was two characters? The FR-S is the same as the Subaru BRZ.
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