Another "help me ID this song based on scant detail" question
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Quite some time ago on another site someone posted the lyrics to a song (so I have never heard it, just read it) that has been rattling around in bits in my head ever since. Who is it by? No idea, but I am pretty sure it is one of the proto/nouveau/modern-celtic bands like The Waterboys, Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, Black 47, Fiddler's Green, etc.

I know they are different in terms of style. Again, I never heard it.

What is it about? Blue-collar guy in love with a woman, possibly over back in the old country. They come over here. Somehow they break up, some kind of misunderstanding? All of this with her not really getting it, and him thinking she is disgusted by him.

When he sees her looking at him, what he sees is pity and she is actually looking at him with a resigned love or something. This, in some form, is in the lyric.

He drinks a lot on Sundays to forget. This might be a lyric.

One day there is some kind of accident at whatever blue-collar job he works-- an explosion, I am nearly sure of it. I want to say there is something in there about him being blown halfway to Jesus, but whenever I search for that, I get a lot of religious songs.

His heart is finally okay? Am I remembering this correctly?

Three Internets to anyone who can help me on this. Thanks in advance.
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Black 47 - Fanatic Heart?
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"One Night with the Irish" includes the words "drank halfway to Jesus" and checks for mentions of a left behind land as well as a relationship.
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Is it the Black 47 one where he goes off to Viet Nam? That might get you the explosions. There's definitely the look of disgust from her green eyes. I don't think it's Fanatic Heart, but apparently I don't have that song on my phone. Oh! My Love is in New York maybe?
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Response by poster: All of these are really good guesses, but they are not it. I know that the explosion is the thing that kills the protagonist and finally relieves his pain-- ala He Stopped Loving Her Today. But thank you.
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Wild guess: Richard Thompson - 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
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