Multiple orgasms for men, experience?
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I've read The Multi-Orgasmic Man. I find Eastern, energy-based philosophy hard to grasp, because moving energy throughout the body is very much experiential and intangible. It's not not like learning physical movements (sports, martial arts, etc.)

I'm looking for feedback from men who have tried Tantric or Taoist techniques to have multiple orgasms.

* Does it work for you?
* How did you learn?
* Best books or workshops?
* Anything else for a newbie?

Note: This isn't a question about "staying power" or premature ejaculation, just about multiple orgasms.
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When I attempted to work my way through that book a couple of decades ago I came away with the impression that the so-called "orgasms" it was describing were basically head rushes induced by certain kinds of breathing exercises. There didn't seem to be much orgasm involved in it, at least not the way most people typically think of orgasms.

I didn't make it all the way through the book, though, so maybe it did eventually get more truly orgasmic.
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NSFW answer:

I've hooked up with a fair number of men who claim that they practice tantric methods, but what it usually means is that it either takes them forever and a day to climax, or that they can't maintain an erection because their sexuality is manifested on the astral plane. Sometimes both.

It never had anything to do with all the pot they smoked that day.

I'm really doubtful that it's a real thing.
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A male friend of mine practices tantric and we have talked frankly about it. He can delay ejaculation totally, and enjoys it, says he gets a head rush orgasm-like feeling that can last for ages. But it is only that good when his partner is into it the same way and can surf the same waves, and those partners are rare, he says.
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Seconding Kerasia, also have a friend who can do it. PM me for more.
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So I have learned how to be multi-orgasmic without resorting to mystic energy, but it did require learning a lot about how my body works. I also read the book and was not so ready to accept the more woo woo aspects of it. The more practical applications of the book are in the PC exercises and the general advise of how of how to slow down and listen to your body and stop ejaculation.

That said, I found that even if you don't believe in the energy flow aspects it can be helpful to practice them anyway as it makes you mindful of the process and what is going on with your body.

For more practical advise try this...

1. Slow down. Either by yourself or with a partner devote as much time as you can to explore and play, learning to start and stop.

2. Prepare to have several not so great orgasms. The process of getting right to the edge means more often then not you will fly right over the edge and if you are attempting to physically stop the ejaculation at the time you sometimes lose that "big release" moment. Also be sure your partner is involved and is okay with the possibility of having their moment interrupted too.

3. Understand the difference between ejaculation and orgasm. It took me awhile to realize the difference. That orgasm is more of a full body, toe curling experience and ultimately in my opinion way more enjoyable.

4. Try learning to orgasm hands free. I learned to do this using hypnosis sessions that I found online. I am not so sure about hypnosis either but the guided imagery and my focused imagination have produced many incredible extended orgasms all without using my hands. Occasionally I even reach ejaculation but that is rare. Once again be prepared to spend time on it, none of this happens quickly.

5. Meditation and yoga are also helpful. You really have to be in touch with your body and learn to be in the moment. The last part is also crucial - I found that anything that detracts from the moment, being self conscious, being lost in some sexual fantasy, or worrying if the neighbors will hear will totally take distract you from your body's rhythm. (and your partner's rhythm as well)

I hope this helps. It's a worthy goal but it takes time and can be really frustrating until you get it. I gave up several times only to find myself returning to it.

Also look into Barbara Carrellas's books "Urban Tantra" and "Ecstacy is Necessary".
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My husband can do this. We sort of stumbled upon it by accident with zero mystical philosophy and more fun kinky sex games that led to an interesting discovery. We had no particular training and he just called it "peaking" and thought it just thought it was something fun we did until one day it clicked that this is what all that tantric "stuff" was about.

My husband is shy talking about sex, but knows I'll chat to anybody about anything and is OK with that as long as I don't include his name so if you have any questions feel free to MeMail me. Obviously I'm not the one doing this so it's not first hand experience, but I can give you some idea of what we did to get there and how he describes it to me. A lot of what kipd says rings true to our experience.
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I have practiced Tantric sex and also had multiple orgasms in a short period without any kind of intentional Tantric practice.

The multiple orgasms simply came from practicing clenching my perineum (taint) muscle and doing so when I started to feel I was going to climax. It wasn't easy, but was definitely a "do this definite thing" type thing. It was not head-rush like. I did not ejaculate on the perineum-clenching go-rounds, though it felt like I did. In fact, early on I was surprised to find that I had not ejaculated.

Tantra certainly has breathing techniques (that are also of a "do this definite thing" nature) that produce head rushes and oxygen surpluses/deficits that can produce orgasm-like experiences or prolong/modify the moment of orgasm. I've also read about exercises and techniques that are essentially what I was doing with the perineum thing, and I'm certain would produce similar results.

So your questions:


There's nothing to learn. In the case of the perineum thing it actually took daily exercise and a major effort of will, but there's no woo necessary in these things. There are procedures.

All of the books I've read I've found necessary to pick and choose from to avoid excessive woo.

Just that it definitely is possible and woo is not an essential component of it, though silly stuff like Shiva/Shakti role play can be fun any way.
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Prostate stimulation can lead to a pretty spectacular orgasm-like feeling. You could try it digitally, but there are toys like the Aneros that are specifically designed to stimulate the prostate without any user interaction. It uses the anal sphincter contractions to gently "tap" at your prostate. It's not for everyone - some people can't get over the squick factor, some people just find it difficult get the thing to work. I can testify, though, that if you CAN get it to work, it does an extremely good job. You don't need any penile stimulation whatsoever to use it, so you're less likely to ejaculate.
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