How to communicate fabric coarseness?
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Is there a specific numbering system / grading system for fabric coarseness? I am specifically working with nylon for a bag.
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Here is an article on Wikipedia about the units of textile measurement. I think this is a pretty good place to start.
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Best answer: Denier (as described on that Wikipedia page) is, I think, the unit most commonly used for nylon.
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Seconding denier. It's standard.
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Response by poster: Thanks! To piggyback on my question: does anyone know a good online visual reference of ballistic denier levels to substitute for having a spec book in hand? I would like visualize the difference between a 500 and 1000 for example.
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If you have a backpack around, or can nose about in a hiking goods store, you might be able to look up its specs online. This would work for much of REI's stuff.

That would give you one reference point.

A cobbler or tailor might have a swatchbook or swatch you could look at. (It'd be courteous to make a small purchase if you're using their time in this manner.)
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