Best Critical History of Hip Hop
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Please give my your recommendations for the best book on the history of hip hop, that includes critical appraisals of the performers and groups, and a discography, and that is available in ebook format. If hip hop as a whole is too broad a topic, I'd accept a book with a narrower focus on just East Coast stuff, or just New York stuff.
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Best answer: I don't know much about hip hop, but I found Ed Piskor's Hip Hop Family Tree to be well done and fantastically accessible for a relative ignoramus on the subject.
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Best answer: The two best books I know are:

Can't Stop Won't Stop, by Jeff Chang

Hip Hop America, by Nelson George

I haven't read this one, but knowing what I know about ?uestlove, I think you might really love this:

Check the Technique Go to amazon and just look at the table of contents.

All of these are about the earlier period in hip hop/rap, because I'm old.
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I was going to say Can't Stop Won't Stop as well. Chang also edited a cool anthology of essays on Hip-Hop aesthetics/history/etc. called Total Chaos.
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Rap Attack by David Toop
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nthing Can't Stop Won't Stop
The Poetics of Hip Hop is really good too, 'though that's not historical
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Best answer: There were some great answers in this previous ask.
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There's a God on the Mic by Kool Moe Dee.

Not en eBook, but should be available through most libraries.
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You do want Can't Stop Won't Stop.
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My hip hop and the African American experience prof used Rap Music and Street Consciousness, and it's a solid book though my only beef would be that it's been ten years since she put it out, so it's not totally current.
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