How to create a hard link or symbolic link from NTFS to FAT32?
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How to create a hard link or symbolic link pointing from a folder on NTFS C:\ to a folder on FAT32 USB SD card?

I am trying to move a folder (iphone backup) on my windows 7 laptop to a SD card.

I searched online and there is a way by using NTFS junction point.
I was going to try it but realized the format of C:\ is NTFS and the SD card FAT32. I don't want to re-format the SD card to NTFS since I guess it's easier for me to transfer data between a MAC and a PC.

So is there a way to create a hard link or whatever type of link from a NTFT to FAT32 target?
Or are there other ways to solve my problem? Thanks very much!
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Since Junction points are an NTFS filesystem feature, you can only create symbolic links or junction points to other NTFS volumes.
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This tutorial about pointing a folder to an SD card might interest you though.
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The notion of a hard link between filesystems doesn't even make sense. That's when one set of blocks has two directories. So it'd have to be a symbolic link. It's the same as the instructions on your page, except mklink /D instead of mklink /J. I tested with a FAT32 SD card. I didn't have iTunes handy, but other random software I tried worked fine with it.

This does require administrator access, so you'll have to start a special administrator CMD.EXE instance. I suspect you already know how to do this, but if not, the easiest way to get that that I know of is:

Hit the windows key, type cmd.exe (don't press enter), right click on the result that pops up, choose run as administrator
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Can you do this another way? I can't see where the symlink or hardlink comes into this for moving some files...
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It looks likepack2themoon is trying to change where a backup will be saved to, not moving files after the backup occurs.
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@NAID I wonder why he doesn't move the files, then change the backup destination.
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