Finding material on a WW1-era New York murder case
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What resources might be recommended for tracking down info about an NYC criminal trial from the summer of 1917? Do you think the court transcript might somehow be available?
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According to this, "In the five counties within New York City the Supreme Court has had exclusive jurisdiction over felony cases since 1962. Before 1962 the New York County Court of General Sessions and the County Court in the other four boroughs had superior criminal jurisdiction."

The NYC Department of Records website says that they have "a record, at least in summary form, of every felony prosecution in Manhattan from 1684 through the 1960s. For the period after 1790, there are indictment papers and case files for every felony prosecution." They have records from the other boroughs as well. See also District Attorney Records.

You might also search the New York Times archives here, and the New York Sun, Evening World and Tribune here.
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