What's the quickest/easiest way to get audiobooks from a CD to iphone 4?
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I can rip the audiobooks from the compact disc to itunes quite easily, but the problem is if they are just added to my phone under the music icon, it won't save my place in the book. What is the easiest and fastest way to make this happen. I am willing to download apps that cost $ if necessary.
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Rip from compact disc to iTunes. Select all downloaded files and right-click in iTunes. Click on Get Info and select Options tab. Select "Audiobook" in Media Kind, and select "Yes" in Remember Position.

You might also want to select "Yes" for Skip When Shuffling.
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The Audiobook Builder app will convert a bunch of ripped mp3's into proper bookmarkable audiobook files -- it's five bucks.
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MP3 to iPod Audiobook Converter has always worked for me. I have had issues with books longer than 12 hours or so, but that seems to be a function of the M4B format (or Apple's implementation of it?), rather than the converter. At any rate, I recommend breaking longer books into <12 hour parts.
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You don't need to pay for an application or convert the files. iTunes can handle bookmarks in mp3s just fine, as evidenced by the fact that podcasts downloaded in iTunes are often mp3s and not m4bs. Just change the settings in Get Info like The Architect suggested.
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Or rip them with iTunes as .m4a files, find them on disk, and rename them to .m4b files. IIRC, iTunes automatically treats .m4b as audiobooks.
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