My phone doesn't know me anymore.
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Up until a week or two ago, my phone's predictive text function predicted not just which word I was typing, but also which word I was likely to type next. It used an algorithm which not only paired common words, but which (and this is the important bit) also learned which words I used frequently. Now that's not happening any more. Predictive text is still working, but it doesn't seem to be learning my vocabulary any more. How can I make this work again?

Predictive text is still on in the settings, and I've restarted the phone.

I had a bit of a google for folks experiencing similar problems, but without success.

The phone is a Samsung S3, running Android 4.1.2.
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No clue, but I wonder if some data or cache got cleared out or something. Which is the stock app on your phone for texting? I use an app called SwiftKeyX, and that app you can ask to "learn" the way you type by having it analyze an email account, a Twitter account, a Facebook account, your text messages, etc. Can you ask it to learn from one of your accounts?
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Response by poster: I've only ever used the keyboard software ("Samsung keyboard" in the "Language and input" settings) that came with the phone, for texting, emailing and calendar entries; I've been very happy with it until this change. I didn't knowingly change any settings in the last couple of weeks.
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If you go into the keyboard settings:
Settings > Language & Input > click the cog next to Samsung keyboard
Is Predictive Text enabled?
Click Predictive Text (even if it is enabled).
Is Personalised Data enabled?
Try clicking the Learn From Messages option, this should relearn your most common words.
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I recently turned this off on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Here's how it works on mine, noting that your S3 might be different:

Settings > Language and input > settings button beside the keyboard you use (mine is 'Google keyboard English (UK)) > scroll down to 'other options' and turn on 'Next-word suggestions'.
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(Sorry, after posting I realise I may have misread your question!)
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Response by poster: Predictive text and Personalised data are already enabled.

I don't seem to have a Next-word suggestions option.
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Maybe try switching to the Google Keyboard? It does everything that you want, and will have more support behind it. There's a chance your Samsung keyboard got an update that broke whatever functionality you had.
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Check your memory card, is it dying/unmounted/damaged? I experienced the same same problem a few weeks ago and there was a flash of a message along the lines of "Could not something something memory card - predictive text will be unavailable." which I wouldn't have noticed if it hadn't been looking at that moment.
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Buy Swiftkey. It can learn how you communicate from not only your text messages, but also your twitter, Facebook, and gmail if you so desire.
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That happened to me a few years ago on a Samsung Epic using the stock keyboard - I loved the way it worked and then an upgrade made it awful. I could never figure out how to get it back, so I bought SwiftKey (free trial for 30 days) and I've never looked back.
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Yeah, I don't let apps update automatically.
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