Identify a movie quote from a movie I've never seen.
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A friend of mine loves to say dramatically and hilariously, "Santa Maria, dame la paz. La paz!" He says it's a quote from a movie, but he has no idea which one and remembers nothing about it. I think the movie is most likely in English, because this phrase is the only Spanish my friend knows. Googling doesn't work because "Santa Maria de la Paz" is a thing.
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Best answer: Not quite the same, but Blazing Saddles?
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Could it be Santa Maria della Pace?
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Response by poster: The tone he uses is similar to that Blazing Saddles clip, so that might be it. Could "dame la paz" be from a different movie?
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In case you didn't already know, the phrase translates to "Saint Maria, give me (the) peace. (The) Peace!"

Is there a chance he was flipping channels and caught a telenovela or some other dramatic Spanish program/movie?
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Response by poster: zippy - that's not it.

filthy light thief - it could be something like that.

Still hoping that someone might recognize the whole quote, or the rest of the quote, and be able to put it in context.
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