Comics for 11- and 13-year-old girls?
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Taking the girls I babysit to the comic shop on Thursday. They love the Marvel movieverse (the 11-year-old adores Loki) the 13-year-old like the volume of Runaways she's read. If the John Rogers Blue Beetle run wasn't out of print I'd have already gotten it for them. Suggestions? Stuff they can't find in trade I am willing to hunt down in digital format.
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The ALA has tons of recs. They have more links elsewhere, too. Also, check out the Kids and Teens recs at No Flying, No Tights (despite the name, they DO review superhero comics!).
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Response by poster: Should note: they have read Smile and Drama, they have read Bone, they REALLY like superheroes. All the comics I would like to recommend are older than they are, out of print, or both-- Young Justice, 90s Superboy, Blue Beetle, Impulse-- and I don't really have my finger on the pulse of current comics anymore.
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Ms. Marvel.
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Have they read the Marvel Adventures collections? Digest-size kid-friendly superhero stories - the shop may still have them in stock, though I don't know if they're in print anymore.
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Best answer: i know it's not out yet, but i LOVE Nimona and i know Lumberjanes by the same writer (noelle stevenson) is coming out soon. also, ryan north's Adventure Time arcs are pretty great and don't require any more than passing familiarity with the show. and yes, definitely Ms. Marvel.
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Best answer: It's not a superhero comic, but how about Princeless? It's about a teenage princess who's trapped in a tower, waiting for a prince to come rescue her. Except she gets sick of waiting and decides to rescue herself - so she breaks out of her tower and goes off with her dragon and her sword to have adventures and rescue her sisters.
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The newish run of Young Avengers. Has kid Loki! Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man--The one with Miles Morales. (Note: I wouldn't recommend the other Ultimates for kids, but Spider-Man is a-okay.) Ms Marvel (with Kamala Khan). Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers).
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Takio! It's about two sisters and they get powers!
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The Adventures of Superhero Girl by Faith Erin Hicks.
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Bone and Elfquest are two of my faves, even though I'm not actually at tweenage girl.
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Best answer: Suggestions from the hubs, who works at our LCS.

- Wonder Woman Adventures
- Beware the Batman (tie-in with new animated series)
- Thor The Mighty Avenger
- Circa late- mid-1980s Claremont New Mutants

Super and/or mystical powers:
The Interman
- nthing Taiko
Avatar: The Last Airbender

No powers, but still awesome:
Delilah Dirk
Hopeless Savages
Scott Pilgrim
Atomic Robo
Mouse Guard
Castle Waiting
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Damien Wayne, Batman's child-aged son (I think he might be like 9 or 10) who features as Robin, is an excellent character who I think would be more interesting to kids than Batman without Damien Wayne.

If they aren't into Batman and they like superheroes, this might do it.

Batman and Robin volumes 1, 2 and 3 all focus on Damien's story, though there are a number of titles with him (and also again in the new 52). A further discussion is here.
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Polly and the Pirates.
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It's a few years old, but they might have the reprint volumes: Leave It to Chance. Ditto Mouse Guard.
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