looking for recommendations on slim-fit winter clothing
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does anyone make high-quality cold(ish)-weather outdoor wear, such as fleeces and windbreakers, in slim-fit cuts?

I'm 6'4" tall and maybe 170lb soaking wet with boots on. I've been able to find well-fitting clothes for all areas of my wardrobe but this one. Does anyone like Patagonia or The North Face make jackets and such that wouldn't make me look like I was wearing a burlap sack with arms? I'm willing to spend a reasonable amount for something that fits well.

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How much do you consider a reasonable amount?

Becuase Norrona gear (Norwegian mountaineering/ski gear brand)(via backcountry.com in the US) runs long (super long actually), fits amazing and has amazing warrantees.

However, spending over $400 on a windbreaker is far from "reasonable" for most people. (my norrona lofoten ski pants though? those suckers have lasted 7+ years of very hard use- everything from technical winter climbing, multi day backcountry ski trips, and winter kayaking, with barely any signs of wear. (one zipper lost a pull. that's it. seriously. they're bullet proof.). I keep meaning to save up for a jacket, but holy crud, that's a ton of $$$. Also, it's even more expensive in Norway than it is via Backcountry.com.

Marmot also makes a tall size I think, but again $$$.

Other stuff that tends to run long is EMS store brand (hit or miss, but cheap), mountain hardware and patagonia overall, but those might not be long enough for you in their small sizes.
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Have you tried Mountain Hardwear? Some of their stuff is quite close-fitting (at least in women's ....)
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For example, there's these pants where a commentor states that a medium fits a 6'3" 175lb male...

I swear I don't work for them.

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Canada goose hybridge editions.
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Have you tried tall sizes? LL Bean and Eddie Bauer have a lot of stuff in medium-tall.
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Arc'Teryx all the way. It's very expensive but very well made and they are all about fit. My Atom is a small (fits skinny me!) AND the arms are long enough. SOLD! Also their customer service is great, they will repair/replace damaged gear usually for free just to keep you happy.

There's lots of good gear companies out there but most of them are marketing to the average-sized/overweight North American. If fit is your main concern, Arc'Teryx.

(Edit: former retail sales pro)
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Fjallraven! I'm built almost exactly like you (6'5", 175 lbs) and found Fjallraven's stuff fits me perfectly (I'm a medium in their sizing system). Great fit, really nice stuff, and while it's not exactly cheap, neither is it crazy expensive, generally. Hail to the Swedes!
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Nau outerwear fits quite slim. To the point where layering below becomes impossible, but I suppose that is what you need.
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Mountain Equipment Coop seems to specialize in that sort of stuff (unfortunately for me....I can't wear it).
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Response by poster: to clarify: all the links I've seen here go to clothing that I'd consider a "reasonable amount" of money. I was just attempting to exclude, like, thousand-dollar techninj uber-clothes from obscure German manufacturers or whatever.

Also, some measurements: typical pair of jeans is Levi's slim cut 30W/34L; suit jacket size is 40L; dress shirt size is 15.5/36 .

Fjallraven's stuff looks pretty nice, and I'm pretty much built exactly like some of the models on Nau's site. Thanks again for all the suggestions!
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