Reccomend some games / activities I can play with my Long Distance Girl
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My girlfriend is currently 3000 miles away for the next 2 months and neither of us are naturally that talkative so our skype chats tend to just peter out at the end, when we would both like to spend more time together. We are looking for suggestions for 2 player games or activities we can play/do together online or over skype while we are chatting. ios or online games only (we don't have gaming computers with fancy gfx cards). Ideally things that are easy to understand and accessible for non-gamers but deep enough they will keep our interest over several play sessions.
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My parents and I all have the Aworded app on our phones (including iPhone (me) and Android (them)). It's a very user-friendly Scrabble game for two people. I usually have two games (one with each of them) going at all times and we just play a move or two whenever we have time. There is a chat function, too.

It's a fun way to keep in touch with people you don't see often.
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Ticket To Ride is my go to iOS sharing game.
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QuizUp is fun, especially if you guys are both good at trivia and gloating.
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We watch youtube videos together, and play Dominion or Carcassone. Dominion is a reasonably quick-to-learn game with the basic set available for free here (warning: plays music. grr.).

We play Carcassone via Brettspielwelt; they have a bunch of other games. I can't recall if Brettspeilwelt has rules for Carcassone, but the base set is not very complicated but still has a lot of playability. Brettspeilwelt is free, but it can be a kind of annoying interface, though.

And for Youtube videos, I get most of mine from metafilter; he's got subscriptions to a few different channels and shares videos he likes from them. Google Hangout lets you share videos in the session and does a good job of auto-silencing (and also has a few totally silly features like letting you put glasses/hats/mustaches on yourself); my computer gets grumpy with that though so we often use Skype and headphones instead.
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All-time favourite activity: each obtain the same movie, set up skype chat, and then press play at the same time. I had it set up so I could see her face in a little window in the corner as I watched. We laughed together at the funny parts. She hears the crinkle of candy wrappers as I snack. The human touches come through and it was nice...really the only thing we managed to do that actually felt like spending time together.
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How fancy is fancy for gfx cards? Some of the older MMORPGs don't require all that much horsepower - my desk top with it's three year old midrange card has no trouble at all. Also, many of them have made larges swaths of their content "free to play". They are, of course, hoping you'll enjoy it so much you'll shell out for some of the premium content, but if you're just wanting to fool around for a couple months, they might be just the thing.

On the other hand, my laptop all but shuts down for anything that does more 3-D rendering than Sketch-Up so this may be totally unworkable.
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My first thoughts were Words with Friends and Draw Something. Both have free versions that are relatively playable. And I think the paid versions are only a few bucks each. WWF can be played via Facebook if you wanted to go that route.
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In addition to online games, try using Skype without the feeling that it has to always be conversant and looking at each other. In my experience, and I've heard this from friends as well, one of the best things is just to keep it on while you're each going about your evening. If you have a laptop, Skype while you're doing food prep, but just each do your own thing. This takes the pressure off always needing to have something to say, and allows for the typical random banter that happens when you share a space with someone. It's way more relaxed, quite comforting, and helps to shrink the distance.
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Look into the Couple app for iOS.
Awesome for LDRs in general with lots of near features, but my favorite is "thumbkissing" where when both of you are on the screen, with your thumbs in the same place, the screen will glow red and vibrate.
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