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I forgot to pick seats for my flight back and don't have too many options left many of which are these aisle seats. I'm short and normally wouldn't care too much but it is a 10 hour flight. Outgoing I have a window in the section with just 2 seat across but all of those are already full for my return. I've read online reviews but was wondering if anyone could describe how much space the inflight entertainment box takes up on the aisle seats? Seatguru mentions this but I haven't found anything saying about how much space you're losing and where the box is. I've looked for photos but haven't found anything except this and I can't tell if this is actually what seating is like. I'm trying to decide if it's bad enough that I should take a middle seat.
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I've been on Virgin Atlantic, although only domestically, and the picture you link to is representative. There was a clicker and a keyboard on the back side of the clicker, IIRC.

It shouldn't effect the width of the seat.
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The IFE box in question isn't the display unit / controller, but a box that houses the various IT infrastructure that makes the display unit work. Older models are big and take up most or all of the space under your seat, newer models take up little to none.
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Nothing is bad enough to purposely choose a middle seat (on a 10+ hour flight no less!), IMO.
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I can't remember what size plane I flew on Virgin, but I was in an aisle seat and fitting my messenger bag underneath was a little tight, but nothing I couldn't work with. Definitely less space than usual. The crappier part was that my seat row's seats didn't recline.
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I almost always choose an aisle seat, no matter what airline. This is because for long-haul flights I like to get up to stretch my legs once an hour, and you cannot do that from the window. The downside is that I am fairly broad with long legs, so the damn stewardesses will slam into my shoulders and feet with the drink cart.
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Probably too late, but: even the larger versions of these boxes are not so problematic for me, at 6ft, that I'd suffer a middle seat for 10h instead. It doesn't affect the length of the space available for your legs, only the width.
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Thank you for all the VA specific advice! I'll stick with my aisle seat for the flight.
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