Unusual problem with burning music to CD in Windows 7
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Since buying a new type of blank CD, I'm having unusual difficulties with burning music to disc using WMP in Windows 7.

I can burn a single CD, but after having completed the burn WMP throws up the fairly undescriptive error message - "Windows Media Player encountered a problem while burning the file to the disc. Verify that the burner is connected properly and that the disc is clean and not damaged." Despite this error message, the CD will play fine in my CD player.

However, if I try to burn another CD, the drive will not recognise there is a blank CD present. If I restart the computer (by selecting restart from the shutdown menu) the CD will still not be recognised. Following advice from the Windows help centre, I've tried using regedit to delete the LowerFilters registry entry before restarting, but this made no difference. If I actually switch the computer off and boot it up again, though, the new blank CD is recognised with no problems.

Obviously if I'm going to be burning a bunch of CDs at one time I don't want to be switching the computer off and restarting for every one. Anybody know how this can be addressed?
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consider that the problem may well be the blank CDs. I had something similar happen years ago. I went back to the shop, exchanged the CDs I'd bought for a different brand. Problem went away.
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What if you use a different program? There is free software that can burn CDs other than Windows Media Player. Or a different kind of CD?
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I don't have any real advice for you, but I've encountered a similar problem with one of the computers at work. It's very flaky about writing data to CDs. I've never been able to figure out why. But there's a set procedure I follow (not unlike the one you described), and it seems to work.
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Try CD Burner XP, which isn't limited to Windows XP.
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