congratulations gift for a new business owner
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My sister and brother-in-law just opened up a wonderful pediatric practice. Yay! I'm looking for a "congratulations" gift to send them, besides the usual baked goods and flowers.

I was thinking either a giftcard to a grocery delivery service, or maybe an Amazon prime subscription (tried to fish around with my sister, niece, and nephew, and it doesn't look like they have one). My brother-in-law is the pediatrician, and my sister is the office manager - she's back to working full time after being a busy stay at home mom for over a decade. The office is also staffed by a few other great people.

If you've opened up a new business, what kind of gift would be appreciated? Maybe under $200 or so?
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Really nice coffee mugs/tea cups/water glasses for everyone.
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I was going to say a Keurig or nice coffee maker.
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One of those water cooler things?
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Dolls and toys for their waiting room.
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Mobiles to hang to distract little ones.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the replies. Promise not to threadsit, but wanted to follow up - they're big Nespresso fans and splurged for one in the breakroom. Any really nice Nespresso compatible mugs/cups/accessories? Where might one get "nice mug/cups"?
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Perhaps gift cards for Staples/OfficeMax, Toys R Us or a Parents Magazine subscription for the waiting room?
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A framed picture.
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One thing I love about our pediatrician is that in the waiting room they have board books and Highlights magazine for the kiddos and parenting magazines for the adults. Maybe a subscription or two for the waiting area and some books? They also keep a can of lysol handy to spray down the board books which I really appreciate.
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Ooh, we just had a great visit with a new pediatrician and the kids loved these hand-shaped chairs - there was one of those in each office next to a couple of regular chairs. The kids couldn't wait to take their seat and be checked by the doctor.
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