What is this mystery object?
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I found this in my flat and have no idea what it is or where it came from. Any ideas? It is about 2" in diameter and has a spike that rotates out around a weighted axel that automatically rotates the spike back when let go and holds it in the retracted position with a small magnet. Front view, Back view, view with spike out
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Just functionally speaking, part of one of those "don't back up, severe tire damage" contraptions, maybe?
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Looks like a desk grommet thing to me, though what the spike is for I can't guess.
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Could the spike be inserted into the foot of a table or chair to protect the floor?
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I think _Mona_ has it, and it's likely a furniture floor protector.
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My initial thought was a floor protector too, but wouldn't the weighted part of the axle scratch the floor when the spike was extended? Or does the outer lip of the back side raise the whole thing up enough to give the weight clearance?
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Best answer: Hi. I've been lurking on MetaFilter for 13 years, but finally created an account because I know the actual answer to this question, since I own this object.

This object is the base for a Black & Decker laser level. The spike is for sticking into your wall. The laser level attaches to the disc via magnet. You adjust it using the integrated bubble levels, and it paints a perfectly horizontal laser line across your wall. Good for hanging art or installing shelves (which is why I bought it).
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Here's a link to an expired eBay listing showing this item in the photo: http://m.ebay.com/itm?itemId=330981367380
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Response by poster: Thanks EJS - it's been driving me crazy. It was obviously left by the builders when I had some work done recently.
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