Help save my tchotchke!
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I have a glass snowglobe type thing that's leaking, and I would like to try to fix it. Your best ideas, please!

My grandmother brought me a gold flake filled snowglobe from Alaska, a place we are both fascinated with. Pictures here and here. The disc shaped bit was originally covering the round area on the bottom of the globe, but has come off, and now there is a very slow leak of the fluid inside (which smells....not good. Like gasoline-y or something. And it's very oily). I have tried to seal the hole and glue the disc back on with super glue but it slips right off. I have tried cleaning the base of the globe with soap and water as well as goo-gone, but that hasn't helped either.

Any other ideas? I would really like to save this as a memento of my grandmother.
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Not sure what to use to stop the leak, but the fluid in there is probably just mineral oil: totally safe, if messy.
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I'd mount the globe upside down for awhile, so the base can dry. Then clean-off the area thoroughly, in order to remove all traces of the fluid. Nail polish remover should do the job, followed-up by wiping with rubbing alcohol.

To seal it, you should probably use something like a clear exterior or marine caulk. Something like JB Weld would work, too, but I'm not sure it's available in clear. Just a small blob over the hole, and press the disc into place before it cures.
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What about some kind of windshield repair kit? I don't know if it would work with the non flat surface, but maybe it will lead to something that will work.

Maybe there is something that would be better than super glue to glue the disc back on and seal the leak? Perhaps a hobby type store or a local non big box hardware store would be able to help.

Good luck!
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