Is a pre-set zoom for a pdf URL loaded in Chrome possible?
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I'm hoping to find a tweak that will make a specific webpage always load at 200% in a Chrome browser, but I don't want the zoom to apply to any other webpage.

I load a 4-page pdf from a local pc parts store regularly in my chrome browser (Version 32.0.1700.107 m || Windows 7, 64bit). I don't bother downloading and saving the file because it updates with new specials etc every few days.

I load the partsURL.pdf from a bookmark and when it opens in chrome it's always at 100% size but, on my 1920x1080 (24") monitor, it's best read at 200%. Thus am I lazy, I'm looking to remove the onerous burden of hitting the zoom button ~5 times, if poss.

Is there any chrome extension or any URL modifier or any css tweak I can make to pre-set the zoom to 200%, but have it only affect this specific partsURL.pdf??

Most forum answers aim at making the zoom a universal pre-set, on every URL, as with advanced settings or in css, eg. here.
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If you can get the zooming to work with a custom stylesheet, it's easy to make that stylesheet only load on a specific domain using a general-purpose injection tool like Greasemonkey or Stylebot.
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I bet we have different definitions of "easy", heh. I don't want it on the whole domain though. I do actually use other areas of the site; it's only the parts list as .pdf that is the thorn. Having said that, stylebot looks like it will be worth looking at further, thanks.
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Is this a PDF file that you are opening and not a html webpage? It looks like Adobe Reader has URL parameters to change the default zoom, but Chrome unfortunately ignores that functionality.

Also not sure greasemonkey will help if this is actually a pdf and not a webpage. :(
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Actually, now that I think about it, you could try disabling Chrome's built-in PDF reader, enable the Adobe Reader plugin, and then adding #zoom=200 (e.g. 'partsURL.pdf#zoom=200') to the end of your pdf bookmark's URL.

Not sure this it's worth the trade-off to use the probably-less-secure Adobe Reader plugin though.
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