Sentimental or useful wedding-day present for friend abroad
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My best friend - the loveliest, dearest, most wonderful of friends - is getting married in London and I can't be there. What can I send for her to open on her wedding day to let her know that I am there with her in spirit?

We have been the best of friends for over a decade. She is the kind of friend who once flew across the country to see me when I went through a terrible break-up; who lamented the pains of dating (and not dating) with me for 9+ years; who flew 10 hours to be at my wedding and host my bachelorette party; who I would jump in front of a bus to protect from harm. Which is all a long way of saying: I feel like a part of myself is getting married next month in London - but I won't be there.

She is getting married to her lovely, British partner, whom I adore. They are keeping things simple and doing it at the wedding registry with just their parents and siblings. I cannot go, due to my job and finances [they only got engaged a month ago, I didn't have time to save up, and they planned it this way so people wouldn't fly to attend.] Later on, they will come to the U.S. and have a party here, which I will help with in whatever way I can.

I want to send her something (either through the mail, or delivered via her sister) to open on her wedding day. I don't want a typical wedding present - I will get them one of those too. Instead, I want something sentimental and/or useful that she can open on her wedding day to know that I am there with her in spirit. She's not wearing a traditional wedding gown and she is not into the bridal regalia, so those little bridal kits are out. I'd like something a little more personal or thoughtful, but I'm out of ideas. She's pretty picky about jewelry, and has the wedding stuff picked out, so that's not an option either. Help, Me-Fis, I need my best friend to know how much I love her!
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How about a beautiful nightgown or some lingerie for her to wear on her wedding night (for five minutes at least)?
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Seriously, write her a letter. Handwritten, nice stationary, maybe with a framed photo of the two of you.
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A cute notebook filled with photos of the two of you through the years, scrapbook memory type things (ticket stubs, brochure cut-outs, etc) if you have saved any, plus handwritten notes and/or full on letter over the pages detailing the memories and what you love about her.

I received such a thing from my closest friends during my bachelorette party, and I can imagine it would be the best thing to receive from a close friend to know they are thinking of you.
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Be smart with the gift. No use in spending $50 additional dollars for shipping to London, when you can have something locally shipped in London.
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2nding a long, heartfelt, handwritten, meandering letter. Feel free to take several pages and let your thoughts wander, include the toast you give if you were there, make a list of things you have to look forward to together, etc.
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I'd avoid the letter, actually - on my wedding day (albeit under very different circumstances than you describe) I didn't have time to read a sentimental letter, and I was feeling so emotional myself that I actually stopped my mom and dad from having a sentimental moment with me, on the grounds that I was about to completely weep and mess up my makeup.

I'd go for something cheerful and intensely personal, even funny. Did the two of you have a crazy nigth where you got drunk on some awful liquor? A bottle of that. Or is there some American candy she's been missing while she's in London? A bag of that. Or…the American tabloids, or a waterproof mascara because you think she might be weepy? Or a DVD of that movie the two of you have already watched a million times?

Something that could only have come from you, is what I"m after. May only be worth 50c, but seriously this is all about the sentiment.
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Videotape yourself squealing over the dress, giving her a pep talk, taking over from awkward family members etc. send it to her with different headings "play me for a pep talk!" Or "play me if you're feeling scared" etc.

And of course videotape a wedding speech to be played at the reception.
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I love the idea of a set of short videos (like 30 seconds each) of you that she can play for a laugh / a pep talk / a benediction / whatever. You can make them private on Youtube so only she can see, or whatever.
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"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" (is that a UK thing or is it a US thing too?). Only you can know what items would fit those, but it would be fun to use those as a guide and send her 4 items for her day, with that as a little note. One of them is an item of yours she has to bring back to you, the others could be consumable or wearable.
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The best-gal-pals stuff is better suited to the hen party, or the reception. If you want to send something on the morning of the day itself, why not just a beautiful card with a simple message that shows you are thinking of her and celebrating her happiness, but not trying to shift focus to the two of you rather than her and her finance.
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Yikes...'fiancé' not 'finance'!
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