Who is The Idiot? (A Flamenco Musician)
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A thousand years ago (actually probably ..1998?), a guest speaker came to my music class to teach us about Flamenco. She played a recording of a singer/guitarist that I loved, but she said that he was called "The Idiot" and I have never been able to find his work. As I understood it at the time, this was a nickname rather than anything he'd published under, and it was probably an offensive word, because of something about his appearance? I'm probably asking for something hugely offensive, but I loved his music when I heard it. Anybody know his real name?
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Was it by any chance Felipe Rodriguez performing El Idiota? See this and this.
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From watching american movies with spanish subtitles, "idiota" is pretty much the go-to translation of every other english insult -- its closer to 'asshole' than it is to 'idiot', i think. I really doubt any artist would call themselves that.
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Thank you, Monsieur Caution! I've looked up "El Idiota" before, but I must have added something else or otherwise screwed it up, because I never found it. I feel pretty silly now, but I'm glad to have an answer.
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