Installing Fedora Commons on OS X Mavericks Server
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Digital librarians of Metafilter: I am looking for installation and configuration documentation to get Fedora Commons 3.7 up and running on a Mac OS X (Mavericks) server. Surprisingly, my googling has not yet yielded an up-to-date OS X-specific guide. Can anyone point me to such documentation? Or have you installed Fedora Commons on your OS X server, and have any tips?

I can probably hack my way to the solution from the existing Fedora Commons installation documentation, and I'm comfortable on the command line and understand most basic *nix server administration issues. My server runs all the right versions of Java, MySQL, etc. I've installed many CMS packages on OS X server.

But I'd love to not have to guess and experiment. I'm betting Mac OSX server installations are common enough that someone must have written an up-to-date step by step installation guide. Various quirks of OS X server admin are discussed w/r/t Fedora Commons all over the web, but many of them are out of date or obscure.

Help is much appreciated, with thanks in advance!

(Please note I am not talking about Red Hat Fedora Linux; this is the duraspace Fedora Commons asset management system.)
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Response by poster: For reference, here is the current generic installation documentation for Fedora Commons 3.7, forgot to include it in the question.
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