Help me ID/find this game: a portal-like with bouncing ball
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Help me ID/find this game: it may have been playable in-browser. If downloadable, it was free and probably worked on winxp. It might have only been at a demo/tech demo state, but it was a 3d first person puzzler where you aim and it would show you the trajectory of where a ball would bounce and you could then teleport to the end point of the trajectory? The idea was that you'd have to figure out which surface/angle to bounce off in order to get to a goal destination. May even have been posted to mefi.

it wasn't bounce! although that looks the closest my googling gets me. the graphics were more minimal/less cluttered.
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Response by poster: naw, i played that one a lot too, but it's a pong/shufflepuck thing not a traversal puzzler like the one I'm looking for.
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I know precisely what you're talking about and it's bugging the crap out of me that I can't find it. You had to ascend a tower level by level throughout the game. It had interesting stained glass/middle eastern-ish art direction. It may have used the Unity 3D engine. Gaaah.
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Best answer: FOUND IT, in quite a roundabout way: did a Google Image Search for "puzzle game bounce trajectory" and saw a familiar-looking screenshot courtesy of Rock Paper Shotgun.

The game was called Sphere, from 2012, and it was indeed a Unity student project. It was not posted to MeFi as far as I can see, which is odd, because I could have sworn that's where I saw it from.
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Response by poster: that's the one. thanks!
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Response by poster: for the lolz
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