Best iOS app to remote control PPT presentation?
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I am looking for a recommendation for an iOS app that will work as a remote control for powerpoint presentations. Details follow.

Now that I have adjusted to my post-Blackberry life, I am looking for ways to do cool things with my iPhone. I give frequent academic presentations using powerpoint and either use a remote to move forward/backwards through the slides, or stage-whisper "next" over my shoulder to a co-presenter.

I have looked at several iOS apps that claim to allow you to advance your slides or run a timer for you; I really like the idea of being able to swipe through thumbnails and randomly access slides through the phone. I usually add in extra slides at the end of the presentation anticipating audience questions and I imagine taking a question and, instead of hitting the forward button 11 times, being able to tap my phone and magically produce a slide with The Answer.

While many of the products in the Apple Store promise this, the reviews all put them at 2-ish stars and claim that they do not work/are unreliably flaky. Has anyone here experienced success with a product that does this? Help me take my message to the next level!

Note: I am not looking for something that will beam the presentation from the iphone itself, I am assuming that I will have my laptop hooked up to the projector and just want to control it through bluetooth or wifi.
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Best answer: I've had success with i-Clickr, despite the plethora of "this didn't work for me" reviews. YMMV. I found it very useful to test the app multiple times in and around the area I was doing the presentation beforehand to make sure there were no glitches.
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Mobile Mouse has a presentation mode for controlling Powerpoint and Keynote.
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