Seeking black, lace-up ankle boots that are stylish but ultra-durable
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Seeking black, lace-up ankle boots that are stylish but ultra-durable

I walk a fair bit (at least an hour on a typical workday) and I am really, really hard on my shoes. The only pair of shoes I've had last more than a year of regular use are my Doc Marten combat boots, which I love but just aren't appropriate for every occasion, fashion-wise.

I have a preference for the currently in-style black, lace-up ankle boots which are a little more feminine and that I can wear to work with tights and a dress, ex:
link 1
link 2
link 3

(I know these are all different styles but you get the idea - I like black, ankle to mid-calf height, with laces, flat or modest heel)

I've run through a ton of different pairs of these boots from different brands (never paying more than $100) and they all die after about six months. This is with weather sprays and regular polishing. Sometimes the leather splits or cracks, sometimes the sole separates from the shoe, sometimes the sole itself just wears down too much (and it doesn't make sense to get a cheaper pair of boots resoled).

Instead of being wasteful I'd like to invest in a better pair of shoes that will last me for a long time. What brands make durable boots with a similar look as the pictures above? The typical recommended durable/comfortable brands like Ecco, Dansko, etc. don't have anything like what I'm looking for.
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I haven't worn this particular style but my pair of boots from these guys have lasted since 2011 and I wear them pretty much every day. Also bonus ethical points.

This is a UK company but it seems they ship around the world.
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This is something that comes up occasionally -- but whatever you get, get 2 pairs, and wear them every other day. They will last longer than wearing one pair every day, and another pair every day in sequence, because they have time to dry out completely between wearing and whatnot.
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These Born boots are nice looking. I've worn them almost every day since January. They do need more polishing than other boots I've had, though.
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I wear the fuck out of these shoes and they haven't shown any wear whatsoever. They're comfortable enough for me to walk several miles a day and I wear them with everything from jeans to fit and flare dresses with tights or hose. Including these, I have three pairs from their "sculptured" line and love them to bits.
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Invest is right. You're looking at about likely tripling your price point. But taking good care of them will keep them around for decades. Also, think about ditching the "lace-up" part because that in many ways just makes weak points for the shoe to fall apart and tug badly over time.

Frye (1) (2)

Born (1) (2) (woah sale!)

Naot (1) (2)

Miz Mooz (1) (2)
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I love Born shoes, but I find they don't stand up to lots of walking.
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i just got a pair of these last month, and they have been amazing- I walk about 5 miles/day, and they are comfortable and not showing any signs of wear. Frye boots wear similarly well for me, but I find that Born and Miz Mooz definitely break down too quickly.

I also second what brainmouse says about not wearing the same boots every day. If you can afford to get two pairs and alternate, your boots really will last much longer than they would otherwise. They need to dry out between wearings.
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Have you looked at Ariat boots? They're meant for horseback riding but are similar style and very well made. All their boots are crazy comfortable, if a little spendy.
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It's your lucky day: Wolverine 1000 Mile Nesbit Kiltie boots are on sale at Sierra Trading Post for $151.
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These are the boots you want. I've had mine for two years, I walk everywhere, I wear them every day, they're incredibly comfortable and look good with everything.
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These may be a little high for your taste, and have a round toe rather than pointed: Fluevog Operetta Bertoli.
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