How can my we get a good quality couch, faster? [Vancouver filter]
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My roommate and I are looking for a decent (ie. higher quality than Ikea) loveseat (around 6 feet long) to fit in our small, currently very sparsely furnished apartment. However, all of the furniture stores that we've checked out say that delivery will take 6 weeks at the very least. Are there any stores in the Vancouver area that would be able to do this faster?

I have zero experience with purchasing nice furniture, although my googling seems to show that this is a pretty normal wait time (with further delays being par for the course). We would really like to have furniture soon so that we can entertain, and, uh, have somewhere to sit.

Also I recognize that Craigslist exists but I'm nervous about bedbugs (due to previous problems).
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West Elm is one notch up from Ikea (my opinion, very debatable) and they have a 'quick ship' line ("1-3 weeks") and a store in Vancouver. It might be worth a check.
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What you want is a place that has items in stock. If you have Furniture Outlet stores, that's a great bet. You'll get a bargain AND your item will be right there on the sales floor waiting for you to take it home.

I've purchased from Department Furniture outlets with very good results.

Also, when you go looking at a furniture store, they typically have a back room, where they're flogging off the scratch, dent and furniture that just didn't sell. Again, there it is, ready to use, and often at a discount.
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The issue is that stores don't actually have the couches in their store or their storage. They order from the manufacture or distributor when someone buys them. This is pretty much the case everywhere that isn't a large warehouse style operation.

It was a long uncomfortable month without our couch when we first moved so I feel for you but a good couch is worth the wait.
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The reason it takes forever is that they're customizing the sofa fabric, etc. You want to go with a place that has premade options. Nicer furniture stores do almost everything custom, but some have at least "ready to ship" options. In the US we have places like Ashley Furniture Home Store and Rooms to Go - looks like Ashley has a few locations in Canada. You could also try the "outlet" for various stores you like.
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don't knock ikea without checking into their options, they have higher quality sofas as well, but they cost more than the cheaper options that many people buy.
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I don't know if you have a Macy's furniture outlet store near you but they have great discounted furniture that you can take home with you on the day of purchase.
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Craigslist! You can get a better deal on a nice couch, anyway.
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Oh whoops, just saw you're worried about Craigslist--totally understandable, but my feeling is that you can get a fairly good sense of whether someone selling something is trustworthy enough to be honest with you about the bedbug issue. I got multiple things from Craigslist in NYC during a rampant bedbug period, and it was fine.
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Order the one you want and rent/borrow a temporary sofa in the meantime.
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Have you tried CB2 downtown? They have always been fast with furniture I've bought from them.
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We just got a custom sofabed from American Leather in 25 days using their extra-quick ship. It looks like there are resellers in Vancouver. Might be worth checking out. They are pricy but we wanted a queen size sofabed that was less than 72 inches wide, and they make them. A plain loveseat would be cheaper, no doubt.
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I've had good luck going to a furniture showroom and buying the floor model.
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Hey thanks for the great tips (and explanations) everyone! Keep 'em coming, although we're going to check out a few of the recommended places. I had never heard of renting a couch, so that might be a good stopgap.
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