Birthday Party Emergency
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Please hope me, DC mefites! Looking for two things for a birthday party TOMORROW: the Thames and Kosmos perfume kit and Harry Potter chocolate frogs and Bertie Bots every flavor beans.

Daughter's Harry Potter themed birthday party is tomorrow. Despite paying for extra shipping, the items did not ship in time for tomorrow. I have time tonight to go and track these items down.

I'm pretty sure that "Sugar" or whatever it is in Chinatown near legal seafood has me covered on the candy, but if there is somewhere that is less busy on a friday night, I'll take it.

Thanks so much!!
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Best answer: The Thames & Kosmos website list these locations in DC that sell their products, you could try calling around to see if any of them have the perfume kit...

Barstons Child's Play
5536 Connecticut Ave

Sullivan's Toys
4200 Wisconsin Ave

Friends of the National Zoo
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I've seen some of the Harry Potter themed candy in the checkout lines of big chain bookstores, so you can call those if you have any nearby.
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Best answer: The perfume kit is listed on Toys R Us' website as being available in stores - perhaps call whichever Toys R Us is closest to you and see if they can put one aside for you to pick up?

I don't see any Harry Potter things listed on the ITSUGAR (Chinatown candy place) website, so you may want to call first as well.
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World Market has carried Bertie Bots beans in the past, but I'd call first to be sure they still have them.
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Response by poster: I had quite the adventure last night:

-Started in Bloomingdale at 6:30
-Got to Child's play 6:55 (they close at 7) they didn't have the Thames and Kosmos, but had the Scientific Explorer perfumery kit.
-Walked to Friendship Heights Metro to go to Chinatown to ITSUGAR (whom I called to see beforehand if they had the candy)
-Party Rock Anthem was playing at ITSUGAR and the cashier was shuffling so I joined him in dance
-Dropped in Rocket bar for a shot and a beer.
-Metroed back to Friendship Heights and walked the mile back to my car (the neighborhood is pretty)
-Slept til 6am then woke up, baked a cake, and made goody bags

Thanks to everyone! You guys take the cake!
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