Wool socks, cold yet sweaty feet. Need help for the feet!
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I probably have Raynauds although I've never gone to a doctor to verify. I wear Merino wool socks because they seem to work best to help keep my feet warm (even though they are never really totally warm). However, my feet, even though still a bit cool, tend to sweat in wool and thus, I get athlete's foot (and I even wear mesh sneakers for better air circulation). Any advice on keeping my feet warm yet dry? Does something wick better than wool yet insulate as good or better? Or any other ideas?
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This is part of why polyproplyne sock liners exist (e.g.), to wick away moisture better than wool. You wear them inside your wool socks.
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To get rid of the athlete's foot, try soaking your feet daily in vinegar.

Treat all your shoes and socks and shower surfaces and anything else your feet ever touch as well.
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Yeah, more specifically for athlete's foot my dual-degree MD/DPM recommends tolnaftate (brand names include Tinactin) but specifically in the powder spray form as the moisture control of the powder is helpful. Also, use A LOT of it, good coverage, not just a dusting.
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Seconding sock liners; Polyprop. or silk blend.
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Smart wool socks are supposed to wick moisture. I would supplement that power with foot powder. I tend to wear wool when I have athletes foot, even in summer. My socks get kinda crusty- I've sweated into them but they end up dry by the time I get home and change socks and shoes.

For athletes foot, it takes me a good looong time to kick it - Like two months. I change my socks more often if needed - if they are wet, I get new ones. Wash my feet twice a day and then do BOTH the cream and the powder after each wash. So much powder! on the feet AND in the shoes.
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I have a similar problem with cold winter feet. The trick I've discovered is having multiple weights of wool socks. I have very heavy wool from Wigwam as well as hand-knits from my wife for the coldest days, a mid-weight smart wool for the not coldest days, and then a lighter wool from DeFeet for the cool/cold-but-not-frigid days.

You may also want to experiment with polypropylene liners, but I've found that getting the level of insulation right keeps my feet warm without excessive sweat. After a solid winter of playing around with the different weights of wool, I've gotten quite good at checking the forecast and knowing which pair to don in the morning.

Another thing I did this winter was change my winter boots from 200g Thinsulate insulated to 400g Thinsulate, and my feet have been warm (instead of "not cold") for the first time in years.
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Heattech socks from uniqlo are terrific
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I had problems with cold, sweaty, smelly feet until I started wearing smartwool socks.

I wear a medium weight in the winter, light weight in the early spring and fall, and ultralight in the summer.

My feet stay comfortable, dry, and don't make my shoes smell like a swamp.
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tend to sweat in wool and thus, I get athlete's foot

Athlete's foot is a fungal infection - so you should treat it appropriately with anti-fungals and use good foot hygiene.

Sweating feet is an entirely separate problem.
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I also wear (handknit) wool socks and they were keeping my feet warm, but causing my feet to be irritated and sweaty.

I've found the ideal combination of comfort & warmth by wearing thin cotton socks under my wool socks. Cozy and dry!
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Try winter runner's socks, such as SmartWool -- this might do the trick!
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These down booties are amazing. They keep your feet warm, have very grippy soles, you can run outside in them, they're made for camping, but I wear them as house slippers. Super easy to slide on and off, and have enough breathing room that your feet won't sweat unless you're working up a sweat.
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