In search of sites that collect video game glitches
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I am familiar with a number of tumblrs devoted to Sims glitches and have a reasonable but certainly incomplete view into sites devoted to video game glitches in general but I'd rather have redundant coverage in terms of answers so feel free to post whatever you've got in the way of sites that collect video game glitch images and videos.

Answers that provide extra information such as if the site offers large-sized images or if the site is particularly good for the game it follows or is a forum where devotees of the game go to share their deep play or mod-based glitches is also helpful.

As someone who does not get to play enough games, I am sure that I have missed some excellent repositories of game-specific glitches and I'll never think of those search terms so I come to you. Thanks!
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Many, many glitches are featured in the speedruns at TASVideos (MeFi post), and often there's good discussion of the glitches on each video's page. The Cutting Room Floor (MeFi post) is a neat wiki, although it covers hidden content in general rather than focusing on only glitches. Both focus on breadth of content rather than depth in any particular game.
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Less a repository than a demonstration, but Pokemon.
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Breaking madden has been much previoused on Mefi.
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I don't know of any general glitch compilations offhand (though I'm sure they exist), but I know that the Skate and FIFA series are notorious for very surreal glitches. Open-world games in particular are often glitch-heavy, like Skyrim/Oblivion, Fallout 3/New Vegas, and the GTA games.
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These were all great answers, but for my immediate needs the /r/gamephysics link was the most directly helpful. Thanks all!
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