How can I score a Happy Easter Bilby?
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I know Australia has taken the idea of the Easter Bunny and turned it on it's [feral pest] head in the form of the Easter Bilby, highlighting native species. Where can I buy one of these chocolate darlings that will ship to the US?

I know there are plenty of online shops catering to expats and it seems like there are a fair amount of outlets to score Japanese Kit Kats in a variety of flavors but where can I find the special stuff? Is there an online store you could point me to where I could purchase these things from the US, or a kindly Aussie that might be able to help me out? Even a wombat would do. Thanks!
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(For those who don't know bilbies, Bilby Moon is a great start.)
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Haigh's, who would be a good choice as they sell higher quality chocolates, only ship inter-state and recommend that you pick up in-store anyway for the melting factor. That would be my concern, too. It's pretty warm over here still.
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I'd be happy to ship one to you but I'd be worried about it melting whilst in transit. If you're willing to take the risk, MeMail me and we'll sort out something.
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My husband is going over to the US for work in early April. I could get him to take one from Haigh's for you and mail it from his office in San Fran if you like! Just MeMail me if interested.
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Response by poster: I didn't even think about the melting! I may try just the same. Thanks!
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