Broker hunting in Seattle
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I'm doing a 3-month internship in Seattle this summer and I'm looking for an apartment. My budget is $2-3k/month. I think it would be too big a hassle to find a place myself (I'm only interested in apartments that are walking distance from the office), so I'd like to find a broker instead. How do I go about doing this? Thanks!
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Are you looking for a fully furnished Executive Apartment or Executive Suite?

Or something unfurnished?
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Response by poster: Preferably furnished.
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Here's another.

When we needed an apartment for a few months, we used one of these places and they found us a place in an apartment complex. If there's one near where you're going to work, call them directly and see if they have an executive suite. Our complex has a two bedroom one that we can rent for $100 per night for guests.
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We got our first apartment through Windermere (the broker was paid for by the employer).
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Is this close enough to the office?

Not a broker, but it's very walking-distance to downtown / SLU.
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I stayed here for a couple months (furnished). It was ok. My company set it up but you could probably lease through the front desk.
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You might want to try AirBnb. There are plenty of sublets there. Seattle doesn't have many rental brokers - only for really high end places for long term leases. I think Findwell used to do this.

Really, airbnb will give you hundreds of options with one click.
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