Two nights in Seville, Spain
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In June I will be in Seville, Spain for 2 nights, and I'm hoping you'll have recommendations for clean, reasonably quiet, hopefully charming hotels in lively and safe but not too rambunctious neighborhoods. English speaking staff and wifi would be a plus. My budget is in the US$50 per night range. And, if you want to toss in recommendations for cafes or restaurants or places to watch Flamenco, hey, that would be terrific.
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Free flamenco every night and a fun atmosphere: La Carboneria
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USD50 is EUR36 which means you need to be looking for cheap hostels or park benches.
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Years after we were there, we still talk about the tapas at Alcoy 10.
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Best answer: I was in Seville recently, and can fully recommend La Carboneria. There's also a lot of flamenco across the river in Triana; we got a list of all the good flamenco places from a tourist office that's right near the entrance to the Alcazar.

As for food, if you're willing to go big, we had an absolutely fantastic dinner at Eganza. For tapas, we really enjoyed Bar Alfalfa in Plaza Alfalfa. I've also got a link to a Spanish Travelogue in my profile; it has a full accounting of all the places we went in Seville.

Have fun, Seville is a lovely town!
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Response by poster: I should add that I am not opposed to a private room in a hostel. And, I'd be glad to hear about places above my price range (to about US$100/night). Comments about park benches are not really helpful.
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Best answer: When I was in Seville in late 2012, we stayed at Hotel Alcantara and it was EUR70 a night for a room with a double bed. They have single bed rooms too, if you're traveling alone. It's connected to a place where they have Flamenco shows. Maybe a tad above your budget, but we were quite pleased with the place. I don't know what the rates are like now, but maybe worth looking into.
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Best answer: A few year back we stayed at Huespedes Dulces Suenos on Calle Santa Maria la Blanca at the edge of the Barrio de Santa Cruz, a district of old houses and narrow, winding streets. Forty euros got us a small, airless, windowless room, but at least it had a double bed, high ceilings, clean bathrooms next door, and an unsecured WiFi network somewhere nearby that we could mooch off. Also a great location: close to the main tourist sites and lots of (overpriced) restaurants, but also close to a nontourist part of town full of things that ordinary Sevillanos use, such as buses, grocery stores, and Internet cafes

Prices may have gone up but it's worth checking out.
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Response by poster: In case anyone comes back to this thread, I just returned from Seville having spent three great nights at Hotel Alcantara (thanks ohmy!) for EUR150 in total for a single room (with wifi, air-conditioning, a private bathroom and English speaking staff).
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