Looking for this kind of Salt and pepper holder
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I bought this Salt & Pepper set at Bed Bath & Beyond a while back. I love the metal holder they come in. I run a hot sauce company and all my bottles are 5oz woozies, and they fit perfectly into these holders. Very snug and just look great. I have looked all over the place to find them where i can buy them wholesale and in bulk. The company that makes this product has a website that hasn't been updated in ages and emails do not get returned. Plus they are based out of Italy, so that is an issue as well. I have seen similar type products with square openings, or opening that are a little too big, but none that are as perfect as this one......Any suggestions on where to look? Primary need are circular opening that will hold a 5oz. woozie bottle. Much thanks!?
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I would say try finding a Chinese vendor through Alibaba.com, but if you're reluctant to deal with Italy you're probably not going to deal with China.

You could find a company making something similar (like this) and probably get them to build it to your exact measurements if your order is large enough. How many are you looking to buy?
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Response by poster: @Joe, at the moment, less than 100. I am still rather new. If things take off, obviously I would go for much larger quantities....
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Do you have a restaurant supply store in your area? I found this online, but if you have a brick-and-mortar restaurant supply store around, you could take your bottles in and see if they fit. M
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If your local restaurant supplier can't track down this exact base or something suitable (example, example), try contacting a manufacturer like American Metalcraft directly.
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Restaurant supply stores all over Manhattan have these.
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