Help me find some U.S. elementary school study aids from the mid '80s.
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Tryin' to track down a portfolio of English reading/writing laminated bifold four page workbooks.

These were something my 2nd grade elementary school teacher would turn the students toward if they'd finished all of their current work and had free time. As far as I remember, the students were allowed to do whatever they wished during their free time IF they'd finished all of the workbooks in this portfolio:

-they were color coded, starting with primary colors, then turning to more mixed colors, and ending (based on difficulty) in the metallic color range

-they consisted of a reading segment, on the first two pages, and then went into a q & a, on the last two

These were utilized by a public school in Omaha, NE. (I've contacted them and they unfortunately don't have sufficient records to help me with this query.)

If anyone could give me a place I could buy these from or a site I could revisit them in digital online then you'd have helped me scratch a weird itch.

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Best answer: I remember those from the seventies. I believe the company was SRA, (and what part of my ass did I pull THAT out of?) SRA is part of McGraw Hill.

They're all OVER eBAy.
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Oh how I loved the SRA cards. Pretty sure that's it.
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Best answer: Here are good pictures of the reading content of an SRA card from the 1970s. Here's the box that held the whole set of cards.
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I remember being so proud when I got to AQUA.
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I loved those things. Then when I was in fourth grade I got to grade them for younger grades. I thought I was the shit, LOL.
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Response by poster: Thanks Ruthless and everyone. Those are definitely what I was remembering.
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