Books that fill the same niche as Project Rho/Atomic Rockets?
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I really like reading Atomic Rockets at Project Rho. But I want to take it around with me in an easily digestible form. Can anybody recommend books that have the same sort of content and a similar feel? Not science fiction, but books about the science of science fiction.

And especially about space and space exploration. For those who don't know, Atomic Rockets is basically a huge repository of scientific writing about the science-fiction idea of human space travel. It approaches everything from a strong science perspective, sources everything, and is extremely engrossing. It's been mentioned on this site before often as a great resource for writers, but I like reading it for pleasure. But I really want more! And having it in book form would be ideal. Any recommendations?
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Not SF, but maybe Project Orion would fit the bill?
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The Physics of Star Trek?

You may want to grind through the links in cstross's essay The High Frontier.
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