What should I know about different oven settings?
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My oven has the following settings:"Circotherm" (IE, convection); top/bottom heat; "Circotherm intensive" (which seems to be convection + bottom heat); "Circo-roasting" (convection + grill); full-surface grill; center-area grill; bottom heating; low-temperature cooking; and defrost. I know that convection cooks things faster, so I need to reduce either heat or cooking time when adapting recipes. What else should I know to take full advantage of all these different modes?

(The manual has a small amount of advice on when to use each setting, but it's not tremendously helpful, and in any case, there's a lot of party-line stuff about "Your new oven will produce succulent and tender meat!" I'd love to hear any real-world experience people have had in the various methods of cooking.)
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Best answer: Just as a data point, I have a propane convection oven. Mine doesn't cook faster, just more evenly. It's digital and automatically reduces the temperature I enter by 25 degrees. I was having to cook things longer than the expected time. Now I enter recipe temperature+25 degrees and that seems to work. If you have an oven thermometer, I'd suggest using it to see how to adjust the temperature in your particular oven.
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My experience was exactly the same as Beti's. Annoying appliance is too smart for its own good, has to be corrected.
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Response by poster: Thanks, Beti and alms-- good idea. I'll check for that.
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