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I will be staying with a friend and his family, in their mother-in-law unit. I want to give them a nice host gift, with the following stipulations: (a) I don't think they drink; (b) They have various dietary restrictions; (c) They are urbane, smart Bay Areans. I am paralyzed. Any hints or recommendations would be very welcome.
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Can you clarify what some of their dietary restrictions are?
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If all else fails, a cactus or succulent.
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A friend gave me a nice Jade plant after I did some sort of favor for her a few years ago. I haven't killed it yet.
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How long will you be staying for and how much do you intend to spend?
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As a mostly-non-drinking picky eater, my favorite hostess gift to get is flowers, or better yet, a small potted plant. Maybe a book if the person knows my taste, or a cute knitted toy for my cat was once a hit from someone who knows I'm a ridiculous cat lady.
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Maybe a small nice mounted art print or photo?
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I would pop by an antique store and buy something 'funky.' If they don't like it, it's a fun joke and they can pass it along to someone else. It's the thought that counts.
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I would do flowers - most people like them, and they are perishable. If you do a potted plant it can feel like one more thing to take of, and some of us have a black thumb. Flora Grubb is the Bay Area and looks great. (I ordered some of their air plants online once for a gift; haven't been in person.)

You could also do a nice selection of soaps. I like Fresh for gifts. Soap can feel kind of boring, but it's useful!
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Potted orchid
Pretty dish towels (if you know what their kitchen looks like)
High end olive oil, balsamic vinegar, vanilla
Vase with cut flowers
This book (or something similar)
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Could you give us a rough idea of where you are coming from? (I presume it is not the middle of the English Channel). Personally, I always appreciate something local (for them!) from a visitor.
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I am going to avoid food altogether--I am digging the plant ideas. Thank you!
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I like the potted orchid idea.

I came into here to suggest a ribbonwick candle. I got one as a hostess gift once and we have spent a lot of time staring at it, mesmerized.
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It's spendy, but if you're staying in San Francisco, go to Podesda Baldocci and get a GORGEOUS floral arrangement.

You'll spend under $100 but MAN they'll talk about it forever. This was my go-to for this type of gift and they have never failed me.
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The floating orchid is only $25, simple and elegant.
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Speaking as a Friscan, I just got this book, Infinite City by Rebecca Solnit, and I couldn't be more excited.

I'm also inordinately fond of items from Paxton Gate.
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Hah, I just read "Infinite City", too. Excellent book.
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I know it's more of a food thing than a plant thing, but in a similar situation I often give a tea sampler. I figure at least it's easy to re-gift or bring into the office for coworkers even if they don't drink the tea themselves.
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One of the best gifts we ever got was a membership to a museum we like.
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You can get a family membership to the San Francisco Zoo for a bit over $100, I've given that as a gift and it was a big hit!
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If you get a potted plant, I'd go with something that's fairly easy to care for; if someone were to give me a complicated-to-care-for plant like an orchid or something that required fairly specific care, I'd be kind of uneasy because "oh, man, it's sweet of them, but I already know this thing is going to die because I can't keep up with it."

Of course, of your friends are orchid collectors, then by all means. But sometimes unexpectedly giving someone a plant that requires special care may backfire.
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Wendy MacNaughton's new book, Meanwhile in San Francisco would probably be a hit... and it's something they probably haven't seen before.

Janey47: Speaking as a Friscan
No, just no. Calling yourself that makes Saint Francis (Say: "Sayfrances") kill a kitten.
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Oooh, I just saw some drawings excerpted from that, toxic. Hmmm. I may do that and flowers. Thank you all for the thoughtful input.
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Toxic: Don't you know? Sayfrances invented mockery as well as kittens.
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FOLLOWUP: I went to Flora Grubb, committed to the path of Tasteful Air Plant. They had those--in spades; it's a lovely nursery--but I opted instead for a socially responsible Interesting Woven Basket With Lid, and stuck a quantity of Mineola Tangelos inside. Big hit.

Thank you all, again.
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