What are the possible bits of a book?
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I would like a list of generic things in printed material (particularly educational material). I know about the regular types of bits: foreword, preface, tables, figures, plates, glossary, references, dot points, chapter, appendix, headers, footers, page numbers, table of contents; but I would like as big a list as possible (with links to images, if you feel like it of visual identifiers) of other types of repeat things in books, textbooks, reports, education activity books for children- basically any kind of printed material (even if it's supplied electronically).

Things like:
Quick guide for the reader
Task list (visual identifier might be 3 vertical check boxes)
Activity (visual identifier might be pencil symbol)
Box (call out box?)

It also would be helpful to have common/generic section type titles(some are listed above) like:
Further Reading

These two areas intersect and you needn't break it up for me. Feel free to provide text answer, links to websites about booky-type bits, and to online books with interesting bits. If you provide book suggestions (about books), I'm sure they will be helpful to someone, but I don't have the time to source them just now, so I'm particularly after weblinks.
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Colophon. Pull quote. Dedication. Advertisement (usually at the beginning, listing other books from the same author or press). Index.
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Copyright, covers
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The DocBook spec seems like a good place to look for the "parts" of a document. Hell, an old-fashined paper thesaurus may have a wealth of entries linked to the right keywords.
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Reader's guide
Guidelines-lines for writing on
Exercises, problems
Further reading recommendations
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The Chicago Manual of Style is a great place to start.
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