Best (cheapest) place to buy PAR30 and PAR20 LED bulbs?
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I'm remodeling the house and have converted everything to can lights. I have to go buy about 36 PAR30 bulbs and about 12 PAR20 bulbs. Where can I get the best deal? Difficulty: NO EBAY.

Please make sure you see that part about no eBay.

When I budgeted, I didn't realize that the bulbs were not included in the quote (I assumed the can lights came with bulbs). So, now I need to buy them and they're not super cheap. So help me out, Metafilter.
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I'd post a "wanted" on Craigslist (only 25% ebay!) and check out local Habitat Re-Stores. There's a group out here in Florida called Lightbulbs Unlimited who have a website, but I'd talk to a lighting store or a big box store about getting contractor packs of bulbs.
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So far, home depot and costco have had the best prices on LED bulbs that I have seen, and I know they sell them for can lights.
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Check out The per unit price is always great, just be sure to factor in shipping costs since they charge what it actually costs. This also means that you save the most on shipping costs if you purchase an even box of something.
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Ikea has them!
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Do you HAVE to use PAR30 or can you use BR30 as well?

Less than $2 each in packs of 4
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I'm not certain what the difference between PAR30 and BR30 is, but I can look into it.
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BR30 and PAR30 are generally interchangeable; the main difference is that BR have a wider beam.

One thing to watch out for: super-cheap CFL bulbs are the worst. Light bulbs aren't a commodity anymore; there's a wide range of quality and to a certain extent you get what you pay for. Before you commit to a purchase make sure you read enough user reviews of that particular bulb to be certain you're not buying flickering laggy junk that'll short out in three months.
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Oh no, I'm specifically looking for LED. There shall be no CFLs in my house.
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My mistake, sorry! I missed that you said LED in the question title.
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Well, it's looking like CostCo has the best price on LED PAR30s. They didn't have any PAR20s, but Home Depot has some decently priced BR20s that I'm going to use. looks like an awesome resource in general, but not the discount prices I was hoping for.

Thanks all.
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