I need a small, great sounding and classy looking stereo!
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My google fu and tag searching have failed me. I'm getting older, and the blingy black, blue plastic and chrome shelf stereo I have from years ago has become desperately, desperately ugly to me. I want wood, neutral colors, and good sound. I want a complete unit: speakers and a reciever with at least an audio in jack. I am reaching the start of my older age techno-weenie status, so buying individual components and hooking them all in to the right pieces and parts sounds like an all day ordeal to me. An included (and yes, I know out-dated) CD player is desired; I haven't gotten rid of them yet, and have an extensive classical music collection (sorry, MP3 quality classical music generally shreds my very soul.) I can't say that money is no object, but if I can live with it for the next decade or so I could go as high as a thousand bux. Please help me find a small,simple stereo that will fit on a shelf and has good sound quality, without sacrifcing my need for the pretty.
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Is going to your local independently-owned stereo shop entirely out of the question? They will often do installation and custom orders, and even if you don't ultimately buy anything, they may have great advice for what to look for/how to optimize what you get.
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Best answer: People like to be snotty about Bose, but I hear nothing but positive comments from people who buy the Bose Wave. There's also the Tivoli Music System which you can get in a nice wooden finish and, to my eye, is nicer looking than the Bose Wave. It also allows for all kinds of streaming/bluetooth options if you want to go down that road, but also gives you built in radio and CD.
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If you're willing to separate out the speakers, you could do a lot worse than a Denon mini system, which is black but small and non-blingy. (Reviews here.) Onkyo has models similar in size and style. I bought a Denon for my dad, who wanted something small and simple with good sound, and already had a decent pair of speakers.
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I'm not an audiophile, but I do have a Tivoli radio at home. I think it passes muster (with flying colors) on aesthetics, and sound-wise it is as nice as any radio I've ever heard.
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I like my little Tivoli + Speaker + Subwoofer setup. Sounds great. I plug a Logitech Squeezebox into it to stream ripped CDs (FLAC, no compression -- that was one of the device's USPs) from my PC and/or the Internet.

Tivoli also sell a matching CD player, one of which I used to own, but recently gave away.
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Sangean also make a wide variety of classy looking radios. The WR-12 meets your requirements, but look around, they have many more that probably suit you. I have a WR-1 and it looks and sounds great.
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AudioEngines are integrated-amp speakers, available in attractive wood tone stylings but I only came here to say do not get them (just in case somebody else recommends them while I'm asleep). They're over-hyped and likely to burn out as soon as the warranty is up.
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Sangean also make a wide variety of classy looking radios.

The Sangeans are good, but I don't think they have any wood-finished models that have CD players.
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Best answer: Another vote for Tivoli Model Two + subwoofer. Really enjoy ours for casual listening.
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How big is your space? How loud do you want to listen? Will a TV be hooked up to it?
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Response by poster: Tivoli seems nice, right. We have one in the kitchen.
My space is a room about 12'x9'.
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Response by poster: (Sorry if I sounded like a dork- The Tivoli is in my Mom's kitchen, just a radio - I had forgotten about it completely!)

Thanks everyone!
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